Monday, 12 March 2012

Injury compensation claims explained

How does the injury compensation claims process work?

  • in the United Kingdom, the law recognises that parties responsible for accidents arising due to their negligence or the failure to comply with legislation, may be held accountable under law for injuries and damage occurring as a consequence;
  • this is not primarily a case of retribution - it is more a sincere effort to try and ensure that innocent parties, who have suffered as a result, receive adequate compensation for any negative impact on the lives;
  • if you have suffered an accident that you believe to be the responsibility of someone else, it may be your right to ask that the person or institution concerned, recognise the effects that this has had on your life;
  • in some cases, you may need the help of injury solicitors to progress your claim for compensation, as the law may be complicated and it might be unrealistically optimistic to assume that the responsible party will simply accept their liability and offer you adequate compensation;
  • you may find, for example, that there may be suggestions that the accident was your responsibility or due to circumstances beyond their control (e.g. winter weather etc);
  • of course, if you were responsible or played a contributory role in the accident (e.g. perhaps failing to comply with published safety standards etc) that may put any claim at risk or call into question the compensation sums due;
  • at Bentleys Accident Claims, your initial call will be responded to by a fully qualified accident claims solicitor (rather than a call handler) and he or she will be only too pleased to form an initial impression of the circumstances and to offer you advice as to whether you may have grounds for a claim;
  • in the case of injury compensation claims, it may be possible to progress action on your behalf entirely on a no-win no-fees basis and if you win compensation, 100% of this will come to you, as the other parties typically pay your legal costs;

  • under the Scottish legal system, legal fees may be handled slightly differently as a technicality but the same principle of you not playing in the event you are unsuccessful, may typically apply;

  • making successful injury compensation claims may enable you to quickly get your life back to normal and given the importance of that objective, it might pay to seek qualified legal help.