Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Choose a car accident claims solicitor

Have you recently had a car accident that was not your fault? If so, you may wish to think about contacting a car accident claims solicitor. But if you have never used a lawyer before, what may be the kind of things that you may wish to take into account?

The initial contact
You can tell a lot about a firm by the way that they speak to you initially. With some claims companies there may be a factory mentality, where claimants may feel as though they are being “processed” along the various stages of the claims procedure.

At Bentley Accident Claims, on the other hand, you will typically speak to a qualified solicitor from the very first call, so that you may immediately get a professional opinion on your claim.

The firm’s experience
Another issue you may wish to take into account may be how much experience the lawyer has in making accident compensation claims. Whilst there may seem to be many kinds of claims firms around, this is a specialist area of law. So someone who does a bit of everything and “dabbles” in negligence issues may not be the person to trust with your claim.

The fee arrangement
Finally, how much may making a claim cost you? This is where the small print of whatever agreement is put in front of you should be read carefully.

Many accident claims solicitors may offer a no win no fee deal, but in reality no two no win no fee agreements are the same.

By way of explanation, the default position with a legal claim for compensation when you have an accident may be paid for by the person who is at fault. So if you win your claim, the court may typically decide that your legal costs may be paid by the other party. But should you lose, you may have to stump up for the other parties’ fees.

At Bentley’s, our no win no fee service means that we, as your car accident claims solicitor, will take on that risk. So, you will have nothing to pay, whatever the outcome.