Sunday, 22 April 2012

Making your choice of accident claims solicitors

Everyone has to make big decisions from time to time. In the wake of an accident, which you believe was due to a third party’s negligence, there may be a very big decision to make. You may have a significant injury which may have forced you to spend less time at work, threatening your livelihood. You may also be in serious pain. So how may you decide which firm of accident claims solicitors may be the right one for you?
You may wish to take the following things into account:
  • experience. No matter how flash their website is, or how catchy their name, the most important factor you may use to take into account may be the depth and breadth of experience it’s a firm’s lawyers have in this field. For example, accident compensation claims may be specialised as a branch of law. But if your accident was a road traffic one, or a work one, you may wish to make sure that you lawyer has experience of that particular sub branch;
  • customer service. Bringing a claim on someone’s behalf is an important service, and the person bringing that claim is not only a claimant as far as the law is concerned, but they may also be a client as far as the deal with their lawyer may be concerned. Some claims firms may use call centres for the initial stages of their clients’ claims, where an impersonal service may move people from one stage to the next. At Bentleys Accident Claims, however, you may rest assured that you will speak to a qualified solicitor from the very first call. You can also expect regular updates and involvement in the progress of your claim;
  • the fee deal. The default position is that a claimant may simply pay their own fees and see if they may reclaim them at the end of the case if they win. But these days many firms, such as ourselves, offer no win no fee deals. This means that by using our service you won’t lose out, even if you do not win your accident compensation claim. However, if you choose to use another lawyer that offers a no win no fee service, do check the small print to make sure this is really the case.