Thursday, 21 June 2012

Military service and injury compensation

The men and women of the UK’s military services are almost constantly in the news.

Hardly a day goes by without coverage of their heroism and service, whether in conflict, rescue or the provision of aid situations.  Unfortunately, that coverage also frequently includes news of injuries and sometimes fatalities sustained during the carrying out of their duties.

Here are some facts that you may find interesting:

·         service personnel may have the right to seek compensation for injuries sustained as part of their pursuance of their legitimate duties;

·         that may apply in situations where your employer has failed to provide a safe environment, has asked you to conduct needlessly dangerous duties or ordered you to perform tasks without the pre-requisite training or safety equipment;

·         it may also be possible to seek compensation if you have been injured as a result of an accident even if none of the above situations were the case. This does not only apply to combat situations but also to things such as training and transport etc;

·         the law allows you to seek compensation because society recognises that you have a right to care and financial help in the event that you are injured whilst serving your country;

·         trying to prepare and present your claim may not be straightforward – that is why it might be advisable to seek the advice and help of specialist military injury compensation claims solicitors;

·         such solicitors may be able to act for you on a no-win, no-fees basis and that means you won’t have to worry about financial consequences should your claim not be successful;

·         their role is not simply to prepare your case for you, they may also be able to offer objective advice on the scale and nature of your claim and how much compensation you might realistically be able to ask for;

·         of course, your claim may not be accepted and it may be necessary to progress the matter through due legal process though typically both parties wish to avoid that where possible;

·         the outcome of your claim may be influenced by situations in which the problem occurred due to your wilful failure to comply with instructions or safety requirements – or where you were seen to have been acting irresponsibly. That is why it might be important to collect witness statements and documentary evidence as soon as possible following the accident or incident.

Claiming compensation may not appear to be an instinctive course of action for people in the military but it may be your right and in some situations, may enable you to obtain entirely justified help for you and your family.