Monday, 4 June 2012

Your accident claims solicitor and medical / clinical negligence

Medical professionals typically do their utmost to try and ensure that their patients receive the very best of care and attention.

Yet things can sometimes go wrong and when they do, you may need assistance in order to help you get your life back on track.

Here are some points to consider:

  • of course, not all medical treatments can be guaranteed to have a successful outcome. If your treatment is unsuccessful in spite of the best professional efforts of medical healthcare professionals, then that may be regrettable but something you may have to consider to be part of life’s uncertainty;

  • however, occasionally treatments and medical service may fail because an individual or institution failed to perform to the required professional standards or meet their duty of care;

  • at times, this may result not only in the treatment or care failing to achieve the expected benefits but also in it causing further problems that might be more serious than the initial matter receiving attention;

  • these problems may also arise in areas other than treatment, for example, a failure to rapidly diagnose and treat an illness at its earlier stages, arising from indifference or complacency, may have serious consequences for the final prognosis;

  • in some cases, these situations may be deemed to be due to professional negligence and if you suspect that you have suffered such, you may have a legal right to seek compensation;

  • the primary intention behind such a claim is not to punish the people or institution concerned – it is to try and ensure that you and your family receive a sum of money in order to help you cope with the physical and emotional consequences that you might suffer following such negligence;

  • if you feel that you have experienced some of these unfortunate events, you may need to consult legal expertise in order to assess whether or not you have justified grounds for a claim;

  • choosing which accident claims solicitor to use might be important in helping you to achieve a just settlement if appropriate. Here at Bentley Accident Claims you’ll be speaking to a fully qualified solicitor from the outset and they’ll be only too pleased to offer you a rapid assessment of your situation.

You may understandably be a little nervous about starting to progress a claim for medical negligence.  We understand that but you may have nothing to lose by asking a few questions and our services operate strictly on a no-win no-fee basis.

We would welcome your call and be happy to advise further.