Monday, 21 May 2012

How can you pick the best accident claims solicitors?

Every person who needs to use injury compensation lawyers may have a different concept of who will offer the best accident claims service for them. Different people may place different criteria at the top of their list of priorities. But a list of the qualities that you may find among the “best” claims lawyers may include:
  • a lawyer or firm who take the stress out of the process for you. Of course, no firm can de-stress the claims procedure completely, but a firm that takes responsibility and drives the process for you may make the process less painful;
  • a firm that takes charge of medical appointments for you, and liaises with the experts about what to expect from the appointments. Ideally, your lawyer may be able to translate both legal and medical jargon;
  • a genuine no-fee deal. Some firms may charge a success fee when their clients win that comes out of the compensation. Others may hand over 100% of the compensation to their clients;
  •  a team of experts in compensation issues. Ideally, your lawyers should be dealing with accident compensation claims day in day out so that they know their way around the law and the system;
  • a lawyer or firm you find it easy to talk to. You may have to have long conversations about medical issues (depending on your claim), which may be much easier with a lawyer you find personable;
  • a lawyer or team of lawyers who tell it as it is. If you claim is not likely to succeed, they should tell you. Likewise, if there are any weak points to the claim, you may need to know what these are before you decide to proceed;
  • a firm that keeps you up to date with the progress of your claim. The best solicitors may be informative, updating you about major issues, but not bombarding you with letters that say nothing.
  •  lawyers who are easy to get hold of. With the summer holidays coming up, you may wish to choose a firm big enough to have holiday cover so that your claim does not get “shelved” until your lawyer returns from holiday;
  • a strong negotiator. The claim may be typically more likely to be settled in the first few months than to proceed to court – particularly if the evidence is clear that the accident was not your fault. So the best accident claims solicitors may be able to secure a settlement without anyone having to set foot in the courtroom.