Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Summer is approaching

As summer approaches, the roads get busier with tourists driving to their holiday destinations. But busier roads may mean more accidents. And more accidents may mean more injury compensation claims.
Who can make compensation claims?
This is really something that needs to be determined on a case by case basis by a lawyer. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell where blame lies, and sometimes it can be difficult to gather enough evidence for a convincing claim.
At Bentley Accident Claims, you speak to a qualified solicitor on the initial call, so you may rest assured that your potential claim is being screened by someone who knows what they are talking about. You know that clients are important to the firm, and do not have to suffer the infuriating call centre experience of having to explain the details of your accident to yet another person you are transferred to.
In your initial screening call the lawyer may ask you questions about the accident to establish where the blame may lie. If the accident was not your fault and there is someone who was clearly to blame, it may be worth making a claim.
How much compensation do people get?
The exact figure may depend on the severity of the injury, and how much it has affected your daily life. So if, for example, you have suffered a number of broken bones that have caused you immense pain and stopped you from going to work and doing things that you enjoy, the amount of compensation you receive may reflect these issues.
Through case law and agreed protocols in the insurance and claims industry there is a tariff of typical levels of compensation that may be paid out for a variety of injury compensation claims. Your lawyer may be able to tell you, based on this tariff but taking into account your own individual circumstances, how much compensation you may expect.
How long may the process take?
This depends on the nature of the claim, and whether the person defending it is insured.
If the accident was very clear cut, and the person at fault is insured, you may find that a settlement may be agreed within a few weeks of your first call to your injury solicitors.

However, injury compensation claims that involve complicated medical or factual issues or very high values may be defended more vigorously by the person who you believe is at fault. In this case, your lawyer will have to explain the court process and your role in it.